As a further variant, OCTO offers a four-motor drive technology, which can also be completely integrated into the mattress and offers additional adjustment comfort for the knee and foot area.

A total of 7 zones allow easy adjustment of any comfortable reclining, sitting and relaxing position. The system components within the structure provide reasonable locking possibilities for the form and comfort foam, so that the process of the back zone always ensures an elegant outer shape.

All common foam types (PU, Visco) and spring-loaded core technologies can be used. The system does not require any metal fittings and offers a design height of only 75 mm for a completely invisible integration within the mattress. The lower suspension is combined with the drive technology and also integrated into the mattress.

This creates additional air chambers that ensure continuous air circulation within the E-Motion.

A mechanically emergency lowering is standard.

Areas of application

  • Adjustable under-spring (flat) with spring strips or dissolved surface (plate)
  • Adjustable continental bedding systems
  • Adjustable beds with bed-box function and with side-bed opening


  • Wireless remote control / APP
  • Mains cut-off function
  • Maxi-Set for spreading

Special advantages

The OCTO Box drive systems are particularly powerful. The adjustment force can be felt permanently without a power drop.