OCTOMove Basic

The BasicMove is a combination of practical single-engined drive systems for the backs area and a variable wooden extension.

The length of the backs area as well as the lying area can be defined by your wishes.

The system does not need any metal fittings and offers with a system height of merely 65 mm enormous scope for the field of modern slat base.

The constantly partitioned 64 mm bolt grid enables the acceptance of all current spring elements for a client specific arrangement.

A mechanically emergency lowering is standard.

Areas of use

  • Adjustable springs (flat) with spring bars or dissolved surface (disk)
  • Adjustable Continental bed systems
  • Adjustable beds with bed base function and with lateral bed base opening


  • Maxi-set for extra wide versions

Special advantages

OCTO drive technology is unique in the world and is especially characterized by the flatness. Any storage space under the bed (bed box, canapé) can be designed and used meaningful.