Development and design

After several years of research and development work, we have succeeded in setting a revolutionary milestone in ultra-flat drive technology. All control and function components have been completely redesigned and combined with the already known advantages of ultra-flat drive technology. For the first time, the Bionical design concept was presented to the public at the international trade fair Interzum 2009. The success of the Interzum Award in the “best of the best” category confirmed the potential of this innovative drive technology, developing intensive studies of the natural movement processes – bionic teaching – have flowed in.

Innovative modern materials

In contrast to conventional drive systems, we completely dispense with the use of metal fittings and thus significantly reduce the weight and potential magnetic field disturbance zones in the bedroom. In addition, we offer a very wide spectrum of novel application possibilities and an unimaginable variety of possible configurations due to our single components which can be combined with one another. Our innovative power is reflected in numerous patents. Extremely silent drives offer a stepless adjustment of the lying surface to almost any desired position. We use state-of-the-art materials to ensure maximum stability and functionality. The intelligent control components round off the overall system developed by us.

Company headquarters in Grünsfeld

The new company headquarters is located in Grünsfeld and meets all requirements of an innovative, future-oriented and customer-specific development.

State-of-the-art as well as large-scale assembly and storage spaces offer our committed employees all the possibilities for creative ideas and their implementation.