Interzum 2019, an offer of new products, memory control systems for all drive series, eMotion(s) 3.00 for the adjustment of mattresses and upholstered furniture as well as ecological materials under the “NATURAL” brand

The well-known and successful ultra-flat drive systems of the MOVE line are equipped with the latest generation of memory control. Design and functionality convince at the highest level. OB05 series (Classic, Black and Red) also participate and are now available with optional “Sono2” memory, as are OB20 and OF12.

The comfort is increased with all OB05 series by the neck adjustment. As is well known, this is not a standard solution, but the Synchro Neck Adjustment, which adapts ergonomically to the position without “leading the neck”.

OCTO will also present eMotion 3.0, the system solution for mattresses that has been further developed within the last two years and will now be distributed selectively worldwide.

“NATURAL” at OCTO Actuators is the ecological answer to the possibilities of using sustainable and ecological materials. Become a sensation in the field of drive technology.

Partnership in China

OCTO is now present in the Chinese market. This allows customers to be looked after quickly, efficiently and in the local language.

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New presentation at Interzum 2017

With great pleasure we presented a variety of new products at the Interzum 2017 in Cologne. We would like to thank our customers for the very positive feedback on our OB05 drive concept as well as for the new control systems, including the innovative APP connection.

The information leaflets shown here are an extract of our information campaign, which we sent to our customers before the fair. These are available in 7 country languages and can be requested by us – if you are an industrial customer or have not received the information.

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