Interzum 2021

OCTO Actuators will once again present globally unique actuator solutions for the furniture, upholstery and bedding industries at the digital Interzum 2021. In addition, drive solutions for caravans (mobile homes), hotels and residential apartments will be presented, which are characterized by very small space requirements. The new eLounger concept is aimed at the leisure and wellness market (outdoor).

As a long-standing exhibitor, OCTO Actuators remains loyal to Interzum – also in digital format.

Known worldwide as the “innovator in ultra-flat actuator technology concepts,” OCTO Actuators is available to all customers this year with its digital trade show presence.

Innovation and research have been the focus of OCTO for decades and the company relies on quality “Made in Germany”.

The “Product Stage Presentation” offers insights into interesting application possibilities, new product options as well as our world novelties. Let yourself be inspired and then follow us to the landing pages of the respective products.

OctoBox OB05 (200 to 300KG system power) is extended by a steel frame – platform concept, which covers all bed sizes and designs cost-effectively based on the “automotive” idea with only two steel frame variants. This concept is also transferable to a wooden frame.

The SMART system stands for the digital expansion of all drive systems and starts with the latest APP technology and the new Sono2 control.

For caravans (motor homes), hotel and residential apartments we show drive solutions, which are characterized by very small footprint, but offer maximum comfort.

Inspirations for the leisure and wellness market (outdoor) are offered by our worldwide unique eLounger relaxation and sun lounger concepts.

We warmly welcome you!

Interzum 2019

OCTO Actuators is coming to Interzum 2019 with a wide range of new products, memory control systems for all drive series, eMotion(s) 2.00 for adjusting mattresses and upholstered furniture and ecological materials under the “NATURAL” brand.

OCTO Actuators is committed to offering a wide range of new products to every Interzum customer. Innovation and research have been a top priority at OCTO for decades and the company focuses on “Made in Germany”.

OCTO Actuators is known nationally and internationally as the “innovator” and the drive systems are used worldwide in the bedding, upholstery and furniture industries. The demand is increasing exorbitantly, especially since the introduction of the OB05 drive technology for the BoxSpring bed system!

This makes it all the more important to develop and pursue further visions and goals in the context of modern and sustainable drive technology. OCTO is proving this once again with the product innovations at Interzum 2019.

Welcome to the City of Innovatons is this year’s motto.

The extremely well-known and successful ultra-flat drive systems of the MOVE line receive a memory control of the newest generation. Design and functionality convince at the highest level.

OB05 series (Classic, Black and Red) also participate and are as well as OB20 and OF12 now optionally available with memory “Sono2”.

The comfort is increased with all OB05 series by the neck adjustment. As is well known, this is not a standard solution, but the synchro neck adjustment, which adapts ergonomically to the position, without “advancing the neck”.

Improved materials make the four-motor PriMove 4M ultra-slim premium drive system available with system power of 200KG. Here a “special” presentation awaits the trade fair visitors.

OCTO will also be showing eMotion 3.0, the system solution for mattresses, which is has been further developed within the last two years and is now being selective distribution worldwide.

“NATURAL” is OCTO Actuators’ environmental response to the Possibilities for the use of sustainable and ecological Materials. A sensation in the field of drive technology.

OCTO Actuators sees new forms of distribution in the “toGo” drive concepts, which have been offered under their own brand since this trade fair, as a result of the many exchanges with customers. The company offers unique drive solutions that are used in space-saving, foldable reclining, sleeping and living furniture.

WELCOME to you!

Interzum 2018 (China)

OCTO Actuators presents innovations at Interzum in Guangzhou (China) and wins the “20 Plus 20” Outstanding Furniture Accessories Award!

OCTO Actuators successfully participated for the first time in the leading trade fair Interzum Guangzhou.

The trade fair visitors showed an enormous interest in the innovative drive technologies of OCTO.

By winning the “20 Plus 20” prize, the jury honors the innovative power of OCTO Actuators and highlights the technological edge of the “MOVE / MOTION” series. OCTO offers drive concepts that are powerful, ultra-slim, innovative and versatile.

OCTO Actuators has revolutionized online commerce (e-commerce) with the presentation of the motorized mattress. Virtually invisible, the drive technology integrates into the mattress.

OB05 – currently the strongest drive concept for BoxSpring beds on the market – replaces the complex metal fittings and also the unsuitable double motors.
OB05 technically uniquely combines optimal power delivery during adjustment with a modern engine concept and a low height of only 10.5cm. With this drive concept, stockpiling of fittings and drive motors is drastically reduced for industrial customers. There is only one drive system for a wide variety of bed widths.

The result of this OB05 drive system is impressive. Loads of up to 300KG and bed widths of up to 155cm distributed on the mattress are effortlessly moved with the OB05 drive system.

Of course, all drive systems are complemented by innovative technical details and controls.

We thank all visitors for your interest!

Interzum 2017

OCTO Actuators sets standards in the drive technology for the furniture, upholstery and bed industry and presents groundbreaking innovations for the Interzum 2017!

OCTO Actuators has embraced the challenge of developing a drive concept specifically for box-spring bedding systems that can be used in both Europe and the USA.

The OctoBox series is expanded with the new OB05 drive system. This unique and innovative concept is presented to the public for the first time at the Interzum 2017 in Cologne.

The basic idea behind this concept is a combination of drive system and fitting, which has enormous forces and is absolutely wide-variable and radically reduces the assembly time in box-spring beds.

As a so-called “platform drive concept”, the design side of the OB05 unites all the wishes of the box spring and upholstery furniture industry, primarily the design of the necessary power (system force for adjusting the lying surface with heavy and thick mattresses) and a quick installation.

Many years of development work have resulted in a modern and future-oriented concept with many advantages for the manufacturer and end users.

OB05 replaces the expensive metal fittings and also the unsuitable twin engines. These double engines, which were developed exclusively for Lattenroste almost 30 years ago, today suffer from lack of power and manufacturers of modern box-spring and upholstery beds are struggling with very high cost-intensive complaints.

This is where the OB05 (OctoBox 05) “platform drive concept” is used. It unites technically in a unique way the optimal power development during the adjustment with a modern engine concept and the low construction height of only 10.5cm. With this drive concept, the storage of fittings and drive motors is drastically reduced for industrial customers. There is only one drive system for the most varied bed widths.

The result of this OB05 drive system is impressive. Loads of loads of up to 300KG and bed widths of up to 155cm are distributed with the OB05 drive system effortlessly.

The world-wide public and the trade visitors can experience the systempower and the unique flexibility of the drive concept OB05 at Interzum live.

Of course, OCTO Actuators GmbH also presents further ideas and the already known drive concepts MOVE, MOTION and OCTOFLEX are supplemented by innovative technical details as well as control systems.

OCTO Actuators has also ignored the online commerce (e-commerce). The presentation of a groundbreaking idea, a “foldable motor comfort mattress”, which can be shipped in a practical cardboard box will probably ensure a very great look. More on the measuring stand ….

We warmly welcome you!

Interzum 2015

Octoflex “The ultra flat IntelliDrive”

Octo Actuators (Bionical Design) will be presenting itself again and again with breakthrough innovations in drive technology at the upcoming Interzum (Hall 7.1 B60 / C61).

Prior notification of planned novelties already took place at the end of January with the simultaneous announcement of the change of name from Bionical Design GmbH to OCTO Actuators GmbH. New products are developed under the OCTO series.

The previous ones are still under the brand BIONICAL.

In connection with the new OCTO drive concept, the application possibilities are expanded. The new company name is international and is linked to the core patent of the new drive technology. Our team is looking forward to meeting you!

Interzum 2013

OCTO Actuators @ Interzum – many product innovations and a completely new future concept

We will also be presenting very interesting drive system solutions for the upcoming Interzum 2013. We cordially invite you to visit us in Hall 7.1 on our booth B060 / C01! This year, you will experience very interesting product additions and product extensions.

With our “Move” product range, we offer ultra-flat drive systems in the medium to high-impact sector, which allow you a multitude of new application and marketing possibilities.

The focus is also on motion systems. We present in a variety of designs applications of drive systems that can be used directly in the mattress.

This interesting solution opens up a completely new market segment, which will surely gain more and more importance both nationally and internationally.

Of course we have a surprise on our stand this year. However, we can not now reveal the details …..

Our team is looking forward to meeting you!

Interzum 2011

Interzum 2011 – Westmont Design starts with the OCTO Actuators range worldwide

For the first time the bionical design concept was presented to the public at the international trade fair Interzum 2009.

The award of the Interzum Award in the category “The best of the best” confirmed the potential of this innovative drive technology, on the development of which intensive studies of the natural movement processes – the bionic teaching – have decisively influenced.

In contrast to conventional drive systems, we completely dispense with the use of metal fittings and thus significantly reduce the weight and potential magnetic field disturbance zones in the bedroom. In addition, we offer a very wide spectrum of novel application possibilities and an unimaginable variety of possible configurations due to our single components which can be combined with one another.

Our innovative power is reflected in numerous patents.

Extremely quiet drives offer a stepless adjustment of the reclining surface to almost any desired position. We use state-of-the-art materials to ensure maximum stability and functionality.

The intelligent control components round off the overall system developed by us.

The trade fair appearance was completely redesigned this year. A loose arrangement of the exhibits and different pentagons form an interesting and at the same time a varied picture for the visitor.

OCTO Actuators – Experience the many possibilities!

Interzum 2009

Interzum 2009 – Westmont Design wins the Interzum Award 2009

After years of development and research work, Westmont has once again succeeded in setting another milestone in ultra-thin drive technology.

After many years of studies of the natural movement processes, the so – called bionic theory, the ultra – flat drive technology has succeeded under the
“Bionical” in a revolutionary overall concept.

For the first time, the company Westmont is presenting a complete product line of this unique drive technology at Interzum 2009 under the “Bionical Systems” product series. In contrast to the conventional technology, which works with fittings and in which individual areas can be raised and lowered, but at best at an angle to one another, the possibility exists here of stepless adjustment of the lying surface in any desired direction similar to the vertebral bodies of a spinal column.

Various product variants were presented, which in combination with functional elements and partly wooden end pieces, which allow extremely flexible frame construction, offer completely new application possibilities.

The exceptional positive response of our international customers has confirmed the potential of this technology. The win of the Interzum Award 2009 in the category “Best of the best” has also attracted great interest in the international press.

At the same time, drive systems for mattresses were presented and presented to the public for testing and testing.

This technology, fully integrable into the mattress, is unique worldwide. Various engine variants and control components open up a wide range of interesting applications in this segment and invite you to design new design products.

Interzum 2007

Interzum 2007 – for the first time with a new stand concept

With a new form of communication and presentation as well as a variety of innovative products, Westmont Design presents itself at Interzum 2007. Numerous international audiences are looking for the stand to be informed about the innovations in the field of ultra-flat drive technology.

With the motto “The essentials are invisible to the eyes”, the special feature of the ultra-flat drive technology is highlighted, as the essential – which means the ultra-flat integrated drives – remains invisible to the eyes.

The traditional product range is supplemented by the ErgoTec product, which is equipped with permanent support in the lumbar region.

For the first time the Series 4 Motion is equipped with a mini spring core lined spring suspension (BoxSpring) called “AirBox”. This takes account of the international trend of the BoxSpring suspension. The AirBox can be combined with all variants of the 4 Motion series.

Furthermore, the concept of the LiftMaster is presented for the first time. An innovation from the area of ​​the height adjustment of reclining surfaces, which can be used as an insert frame in existing bed construction and with the force of 4 motors allows any height adjustment and pivoting movement.

The TwinTec product, which is known worldwide for its unique design, is presented in the trend color in black and combined with a new generation of control MultiTask.

MutiTask controls are received with great interest from the audience. Westmont is taking new paths here and incorporating interesting additional functions, as well as a new network switching under the name “MagicNet”, which works according to building guidelines.

A variety of useful accessories are presented in combination with the advantages of ultra-flat drive technology. New products for the 4 Motion series, refined with the so-called Tencel fiber, are received enthusiastically by customers.

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