OCTOFLEX is the first central drive unit in the world with flexible power transmission elements (Flexconnect) that can transmit the adjustment forces to many different positions in an adjustable piece of furniture.

The extraordinarily strong OCTOFLEX concept puts the force precisely where it is needed with differently adjustable levers and converts it into an adjustment movement of the furniture efficiently and with low noise.

Until now, the customer is bound to fixed widths of unpleasantly heavy and welded metal fittings (e.g. in the area of motor-adjustable lattice grids) and has to stock up on the corresponding metal fittings for all the different widths.

OCTOFLEX gives the customer a drive concept that is globally unique in its build that can be used mostly width-independently for all lattice grid and box spring bed widths currently available on the market, according to the principle of “one size fits all”.

This new concept opens up new design options for the customer and the freedom to develop his product independently of the specified fitting widths of the manufacturers.

The ultra-flat build also creates considerable benefits for the customer. The storage space below the lattice grid can become unlimited.

Generally, the usage options of the OCTOFLEX can be transferred to other product areas with small construction space that require maximum flexibility at extreme force ratings